Movin' & Groovin'


The reason I haven't been posting is the same reason I've been needing to most: change. Lots of it.

many thanks to the other Moll for my cozy little abode in Upper Kirby
I moved out and changed jobs all within a week. I didn't not like living at home, and I didn't not like recruiting. In fact, those two things share something in common--people that mean a lot to me. My parents provided me with a space to start my career off successfully. The people at EY did very much the same with their constant support.

I was comfortable and content. As those feelings set in, opportunities presented themselves to relocate and redirect my career path. I seized both.

my office situation at Biscuit Home
At EY, we did these things called sanity checks every Tuesday for our weekly meetings, keeping us accountable for balancing our personal and professional lives. This semester, mine was to do something for a friend, something for a family member, and something for myself every week. I owe the courage to take these risks and make these moves to my friends and family, who ultimately, told me I owed it to myself--the self that wrote about her hope for continued blogging on a creative career path on her 'about' page.

My sister Erin showed me this TED talk just days after two role models of mine mentioned the book written by the speaker. She says to
"be brave...early in your careers when it has the most potential to impact their lives and the lives of others" 
William has always instilled the importance of living outside the bounds of our comfort zones, for that's where the magic really happens. These two, Jessi and Annie, reminded me that I have magic to make happen.

I like what Ina Garten offers up on this topic: "Complicate your professional life, but not your personal life."
"You need stability in your personal life if you want a fulfilling career. 'Having that stability has really helped me be someone who jumps in the pond instead of standing on the side of it, endlessly discussing what it would feel like to jump in.'"
I don't know what I'll see, what all I'll learn, how I'll grow, but I am so excited to jump in and find out. Friends and family, I'd be nowhere without you and my faith. May you find the people that push you toward positive change.


Unknown said...

Head first, diving deep, so proud of you for taking the plunge! YOU GOT THIS!

Excited for this ever changing time in our lives.

p.s. that ina article is my everything.


Unknown said...

You're amazing! I'm so excited for you! I love Biscuit.

melissa said...

She proud of you Molly!!! You are amazing!!!

Lyndsey said...

Congrats on the new gig! CAn't wait to hear all about it!! xx