Past, Present & Future


my attempt at a Gray Malin rendition

I used to always return from trips and rush to my computer to upload all the photos and record all the memories on BOD. The busyness of life has gotten in the way of that habit, but tonight I'm going to give you one takeway and a few photos from my family's Florida beach vacation.

I remember weeks ago my brother poked fun at people who post Pinterest-esque quotes, as if this cliché has just now resonated with them and turned their world upside down and inside out for the first time. As someone who does have the occasional "aha" moment inspired by a visually stunning set of words, this made me wonder.

That brother, Jimmy, is pictured above in front of his fiancée, footloose and fancy free in the Florida waters.
That same brother sat in between me and my sister and on his last night and said,
"Dwelling on the past makes you depressed; focusing on the future makes you anxious; living in the present provides you peace." 
I do my best to follow William's lead to live life in the moment.
I did just that with my family as our time together under one roof is rare, and I hope to continue forming that good habit into the Fourth of July holiday weekend with William's family. Have a happy one!