Friday Five: A Traveler's Guide


I am up, up and away this weekend heading East to see my bestie in D.C. Lyndsey, the blogger I contribute to, is off to California. With this and William off to fish the Alaskan seas with his family, I had no choice but to make this week's edition a travel guide in disguise. 
staycation in Houston last weekend involved brunch at the beautifully decorated, delicious and nutritious Dunlavy
staycation in Houston last weekend involved brunch at the beautifully decorated, delicious and nutritious Dunlavy
what to wear :: Lyndsey rounded up the cream of the crop for this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I can vouch for these slip-ons as the best stylish sneaker to pack for any pedestrian city. In dire need of some more work out gear but aiming to avoid paying Lulu prices, I scored these leggings and this lightweight jacket.

what to eat :: I'm prepping my parents for their upcoming trip to Paris and can't help but be nostalgic about my summer abroad. I'll get a taste of it this weekend at Le Diplomate for a late déjeuner. Pass the pommes frites, please!

what to do while getting there :: My plan is to sit back, relax (read!) and enjoy the plane ride, but knowing me, I'll likely not be able to resist getting a little personal productivity done during my PTO. Here's ways you can give back, educate yourself and even exercise when you find yourself playing the waiting game.

what to plan next :: Visiting the city hosting the summer Olympics is high on my bucket list. I'm not Brazil bound, but I'll be glued to the TV to watch gymnast Simone Biles. If you don't know her inspirational story, you should.

current colorful palette of my posts make it obvious summer's in full swing
current colorful palette of my posts make it obvious summer's in full swing
what to capture :: Seventeen Instastars show you the secrets to their success. Achieve celebrity status with these tips. I've made a mental note to create a cohesive feed and know my signature color palettes. Round of applause to LZ for mastering these two.

Have wonderful weekends where you are!