Sense Appeal: from Sea to Shining Sea


I went straight from being with my six sisters in Seaside to the six brothers in my boyfriend's family, lakeside.
I hope you found yourself full on fireworks, food, friends, family and fun from the Fourth. I bounced from one body of water to the next, leaving behind the beach for the lake to spend back-to-back weekends with my favorite families. First, my own. Then, William's.

for the eyes:
Our Fourth was an American classic in every way -- from frisbee tosses to boat cruises to homemade BBQ.
Sunset photos are cliché for a really good reason.

for the ears: 

Is my brother Jimmy crushing the waves or are the waves crushing him?

for the mind: 

Hanging on the opposite side of this retro rotary telephone are interestingly enough, the guiding principles for Rotarians. Four questions is all it is to leading a good life:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 

reminding me how simple it really is to establish a value system for our everyday actions and decisions. And how vital these values have been in forming the foundation of families like these.

fashion for feel:

I fell in love with this little white dress my sisters found in Alys Beach and quickly convinced me it had my name written all over it. The fact that we were all together added sentimental value to what was certainly a splurge.

I found a one-piece bather! And busted it out the first full day.

for taste: 
NEAT Bottle Shop in Alys Beach

With groups this size, most meals are spent at home which, yes, leads to dishes, but more importantly to trailing conversations into the night and wine being poured 'til way past bedtime.

I'm back to reality and missing my people. Thanks for caring for what I'm sharing; it helps me hold on tighter to the memories.