This & That, Here & There


I trusted Merl wouldn't lead me astray when selecting a coffee shop for me in DC. I found myself at Tryst and fell in love.

I am so thankful I took a full four-day weekend to visit my very best friend. Supposedly, it takes a minimum of that many days to truly unwind from work. She's even better than how I remembered, and I feel rejuventated until we meet again (here in Houston!) in October. Here's five links to read before or during your weekend: 

These strangers unwind and relax sans a vaca.

This year's presidential election have your political compass out of whack? See where you really stand.

These shrimp tacos are on the menu to cook with my mom tonight. We're savoring summer's best ingredients while we still can; next up's okra and fresh Fredericksburg peaches are soon to follow.

I tried SoulCycle for the first time in D.C. when I spotted a studio a stone's throw away from Merl's house on 14th. I dug it and experienced some of this, but I'm not an addict...yet.

As I continue to fine tune my photography skills, I'm struck by professionals who have found their signature style. Like Irene Suchocki who makes all cities look magical when peering through her lens.

Stay tuned for a more detailed DC recap coming up soon. {This post will appear live tomorrow on L. Avenue as part of the Friday Five series.}

{This post will appear live tomorrow on L. Avenue as part of the Friday Five series.}