A very HBD in DC


I'll never forget surprising Merl with the news that I'd be joining she and the rest of our summer abroad crew in London for her 21st birthday weekend.

The next summer, she had just packed her belongings and headed to DC, so I sent her this as a framed reminder of our friendship. This year, I finally made the trip to visit for her birthday.

While part of me wishes I had kept my promise to be her first visitor, good things come to those who wait. By this point, she's settled, knows her way around, found the perfect roommates and a perfect guy for her named Parker.

Here's a recap of what went down during my weekend in DC:

gold glasses from Salt + Sundry

I took a tour of their three bedroom home right off of hip and happening 14th Street. Anna made us cocktails in her new gold rimmed glasses that made a gorgeous addition to their vintage bar cart.

We headed to Barcelona Wine Bar and enjoyed the wait as we filled it with catch up conversation, a comped cheese plate and plenty of cocktails.

me, Merl, Ashley and Anna
We eyed a table on the patio that looked like the perfect size for our party of four and found ourselves seated there moments later.

We shared tapas and more good conversation before ending the night at 2 birds 1 stone, a hidden gem of a craft cocktail bar tucked inside a basement.

I love DC for its true seasons: cherry blossoms sprout for spring and leaves change color for fall. That being said, their summer is true, too, which we experienced with the heat on our walk to and through the national mall.

Needless to say, we worked up an appetite for a French brunch at Le Diplomate. Rosé was poured; pommes frites were passed, and it was the perfect way to pass time on a Saturday.

Later, we visited our college friend, Spence's house, where I finally got to meet Parker. Mollie and Annie joined us too as Moll makes her mark as a first year law student interning in the city for the summer.

Happy to have no reservation to report to, we spent the rest of the evening in Georgetown.

Sunday we slept in and snuck out of the house only once for the love of Smucker's iced coffee. We had homemade breakfast tacos to reminisce our college weekend ritual of Taco Deli and/or Torchy's.

I went to mass at the basilica and then met Mollie for late afternoon goodies at Baked & Wired. I brought back a bag of Hippie Crack, which came highly recommended by Annie along with many of the other places I went,

like Cava, a Chipotle-style restaurant with a Mediterranean twist. It happens to be one of Merl's favorites too, so we went there with her third roomie, Julie, for a low-key Sunday meal.

Monday's meal was anything but low-key as I met Merl at the famous Rose's Luxury. This, my friends, is the place I now proclaim my my favorite restaurant of all-time. And because of that, it deserves a post all on its own.

So, that's up next. Love!


Unknown said...

This makes me really, really happy! Sending you a big squeeze and lots of love!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

DC has our hearts!