Cheap Thrill No. 1: Find a Theme


I'm laughing on the inside because what inspired this post was thrilling but by no means cheap. There's really no excuse for that because William and I went to Whole Foods to grab the ingredients for our dinner only hours after watching a comedian rag on the most scamming supermarket of them all.

Receipts aside, the real point is, we didn't go to a restaurant. So, what I'd like to share with you, is the first of three cheap thrills I suggest to those of you looking to put a new spin on things.

cheap thrill no. one :: Have a theme inspire your day, evening or weekend. 

read the recipe in BB's Insta link // main ingredients include sausage, corn, Pecorino cheese and plenty of white wine

How I did it: Pasta is pretty much a mandatory meal during the week for us, so this Saturday, we made our own inspired by this Instagram post. First things first, we went to Fabio's Fresh Pasta and fell in love with the Sicilian shop owner's charm as he encouraged us to indulge in good music and better wine with the linguini he sold us. "Gratsi," I told him as we headed to the grocery store to stock up for the sauce.

As we made our way through the aisles, we enjoyed continuing our "night in Italy." We grabbed Italian greens, a spicy Italian sausage, Pinot Grigio and gelato. I'm set on eating caprese salad in Capri and having spaghetti in Sicily, but this was a much more cost-effective route for us to make a mental trip in the meantime.

a year ago since we toured Chicago and the holy Notre Dame grounds in Indiana
How you can too: Our next weekend will be back-to-college themed with barges and bar tabs for the UT ND Labor Day game in Austin.

  • time-travel :: Watch a marathon of a beloved teen sitcom while flipping through your yearbook and breaking for an afternoon spent playing your high school sport. 
a cured salmon galette with mozzarella & an over-easy egg
My girlfriends and I started a Saturday with brunch at Bistro Menil and then explored the small museum. 

I wish we'd seen this at Rice University too. 
  • cultural immersion :: Immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of your city through its art, food or a combination of the two. 
Nico convinced me to sign up for a Greek cooking class at Sur la Table late last summer.
My mom is the ultimate handywoman, be it a sewing kit, a tool kit, a garden or a grill. 

Hibiscus Linens came to Biscuit to teach us how to hand embroider beautiful linens

I loved learning to embroider and recalled how therapeutic it is to put our hands to use on something other than our phones. 
  • get handy :: Book a cooking class or buy Blue Apron meals--first two are free! Rearrange the furniture, a bookshelf or the bar. Frame a photograph. Write a note and seal it an envelope. 
Cheap thrills two and three coming to you shortly--ciao for now!