Friday Five | Bridget's Own Photo Diary


My Friday Five on L. Avenue features all the latest and greatest sale links for summer and fall styles, so hop on over there to shop! But here at BOD, we're complementing my purely wordy post from Wednesday with a photo diary:

relax yo'self
William's best friend (slash my second cousin) celebrated his 25th at El Patio last night. My best friend (and former roomie, Nico) celebrates her 23rd at Armando's.

It  should be no surprise, then, that we wound up at Tacombi for tacos when in the Hamptons last weekend catching up with college friends. Cocktails were tasty, but no bueno!

i spy a spike!
Here was the lovely home tucked in the woods of Amagansett Beach we stayed in. Drive down the windy road and you'll find yourself at the...

i'm on my tippie toes
Montauk beach, beach, where we got away.

I returned to take care of Ty, who loved doing his business at Biscuit

while my parents toured Paris, roamed through Monet's Garden and cruised through Normandy. Literally. 

They return from their bon voyage this weekend, and I think we're all happy to be home in Houston for a weekend. Have a good one!