MM: Like Mother // Like Daughter


Last week, I shared a sentiment my mom said about our 21st century eating habits. Like it or not, what our parents say and do makes an impression on us. And as I mature, I am grateful for these little tid bits she's taught me.

I'll never forget the summer after my freshman year at UT. I stayed put in Austin to see what rush was all about on the other side. She visited, and we ended our Saturday night at the Four Seasons bar.

That excursion taught me that hotels are the best place to go in lieu of a noisy bar when seeking a nightcap cocktail. The people watching is always plentiful; they're open late; and the service is never subpar.

two things I miss about living with mom & dad: the WSJ subscription and the well-stocked bar

I was still underage and only versed in vodka soda on 6th Street ordering at this point. She got a gin and tonic, confessing it was her go-to summer drink. I followed suit. And now, it's mine too.

WJC & Nico // Mieks & Kev // MB & WD

This Friday, I ordered what's currently my favorite craft cocktail at Julep, where gin meets ginger beer. The Waltzing Mathilda starts with London Dry Gin and ends with ginger beer. White wine, lemon & passion fruit lie in between.

This post is part of a new series I'm starting, 'Monday Musings', something short and sweet to kickstart your week. Feel free to offer suggestions for future topics!

See you for the Friday Five.