MM: Relax, Take it Easy


I take a work break at Biscuit to help Amy & her daughter, Ana, design her digs in their new home.
The school year is right around the corner, taking my mind on trips down memory lane. Way back when, in pre-school, I was adamant that I not participate in nap time; I had zero interest in feigning sleep on a felt carpet inches away from my friends in a dimly lit classroom. As I got into middle and high school, however, part of my homework habits was none other than nap time.

our Wimberley coral bedding, part of the newest season of Biscuit bedding
Working at Biscuit, born as a bedding company (but has matured into so much more!), we remind our online shoppers that, "A third of your life is spent in bed." Or at least it should be; sacrificing any of that time only hinders the other two-thirds.

breakfast snack of Biscuit champions - RX bars (blueberry's the best), Swell filled with chilled H20 & High Brew coffee cans
I make sure to stop consuming caffeine at 1 p.m. or else I'll still feel it at 11 p.m. When I feel like I need a fix, my new ideology is to give my body and mind what it's really craving: rest.

When Casper called to say "let's celebrate Relaxation Day next Monday," I found out the nap is a (free!) resource we don't utilize nearly enough. And our mattress matters. Here's several reasons why:

Last week, I put a 20-minute cat nap on my calendar the same way I do with a meeting, dinner date or workout class. It's just as important and makes me alert for the meeting, alive for the date and energized for the class.

Add a nap to your cal this week, and let the habit forming begin. Happy National Relaxation Day!


Unknown said...

I used to hate naps and I've been completely embracing them recently! So recharging. I've finally let myself be okay with naps. I used to think they were lazy or a waste of time, when really they can be just what you need to supercharge the rest of your day!

Also love RX bars! Mint Chocolate for me.