WW: On Livin' Solo


I failed to go three for three on my Monday musings series, so I'm going with Wednesday words instead this week. It happens to be fitting, as I had decided to discuss living without roommates and haven't a single photo of the space.

Studio B, I call her, situated right on the border of Upper Kirby and the Museum District. It's tucked behind a two-bedroom house with a yard and sits above a garage (and a pool and hot tub!). What I initially thought was something temporary had evolved into something more permanent. And something really pretty perfect.

I wrote about the major changes I made last spring; it was admittedly--and understandably-- overwhelming at the time. As for the move, I made the decision on a Thursday, called movers on a Monday, packed my stuff on a Tuesday and was there by Wednesday. I quit my job that Friday.

New spaces, new workplaces. Part of the draw of the new job was a shift in lifestyle--a four instead of 45 minute commute, for example. Plus, I could walk to favorite restaurants like Local Foods, my Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and my church, Saint Anne's.

Still, I pressed pause on decorating the space, in fear I'd find an alternative with friends sooner or later and the effort would be all for nought. It's nearly fall, and I'm still sitting pretty in Studio B, so I think the time has come to make my little abode look like my very own.

Here's three ways I'm making it happen:

I'm taking a hint from Camille Styles contributor Cristina Cleveland and hanging art on the walls, starting with my hat headboard from my parent's Houston home. It's an ode to my childhood and my love for fashion and France.

Across from that, a gallery wall will hang with my European mount, Polaroids and other prints.

Next is some low-key window treatments, nothing fancy but I can't help myself when I spend my days pulling Pierre Frey fabrics samples.

Finally, I'll invest in something. These stools? An ottoman? Open to suggestions! Let's make Studio B a real beaut, shall we?!

...of Studio B


Unknown said...

Hotel Studio B happening next week!