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image c/o Cupcakes & Cashmere

I'm delivering full-on beauty coverage for today's Monday musing. Before I begin, though, I'll leave an editor's note that I am by no means an expert in this field. In fact, I'd say I'm quite an amateur and am merely using the Internet to learn a thing or two. Now, I'm sharing those things with all of you...

A product I love :: I got this fancy, French water for Christmas last year in a mail gift exchange. Its pretty packaging had me swooning, but then I sprayed it and found the magic was all inside. I use it in the morning to make my face slightly dewy before applying make-up and in the evening after a work-out.

A product I'd like to love :: One of my recurring woes is not buying the products--that's the easy part. It's the actual application. So, I was pleased to find these are a thing: skin care sticks. Like spray-on sunscreen, it's simpler and more likely to supply even coverage. I really like this rosy guy

A switch-up in your routine :: Save yourself yet another CVS trip to replenish your shampoo supply. Cue conditioner-only power showers post-gym. 

A product I'm over :: I've pretty much given up on Venus razors. They cost and cut way too much. So, I'll be taking a tip from the boys and Camille Styles team and grabbing a guy's razor my next go-around. It'll be the signature boys' blade, the Gillette Mach3, which supposedly is much sturdier, sharper and leaves your legs as silky as ever. 

What I'm still learning :: A lot! Emily of Cupcake & Cashmere opened my eyes to this magic elixir, so I was enlightened when reading the beauty mistakes she made in her 20s. I'm figuring out the brow thing, need to let lipsticks into my life (thanks, mom!), and properly blend foundation into my neck. 

The amount of product out there is overwhelming, but the overall mantra when it comes to make-up really is less is more (and most guys would agree). So, enjoy the process and learn as you go.

a birthday blondie who radiates beauty inside & out: happy 24th Joey!

Baby steps on the beauty front, mes cheries!

*This was originally published as a contribution post for L. Avenue blog. 


Unknown said...

Loving my rose water toner so much.
Interesting about the conditioner of shampoo, I also though less is more on the cond.
my mom is alllllllways telling me to put lipstick on!