Show Them Something They Don't Know


For my second (albeit a bit delayed) edition of cheap thrills, I am sharing something all of us do to some degree on a daily basis: share our lives with others.

to infinity & beyond with WD

I felt that post-grad seemed so starkly different from school years because, for the first time ever, we were all on different tracks. Up until this point, you ride the same train as your peers, taking the same stops and winding up at the same destinations.

same sky // different cities

Our final stop was our first jobs, and since then, our paths have gone in all different directions. This is true professionally, of course, but personally too as we navigate major decisions like where to live, how to live, and who to live with. Upon realizing this, I freaked out and paused for a minor panic attack until I found it was all part of the fun.

Merl studio hops with ClassPass, so I tried my first SoulCycle class during my visit. 

Even though my friends are scattered all over the country instead of all over West Campus, for instance, I get to see them in their cities. Like I did with Merl this summer when she showed me how she does DC.

Annie booked two nights at my AirbMB and saw what life was like inside her blogger bestie's studio space.

Meeting Olivia's childhood and high school besties at her bachelorette gave me insight into the people who made her into the wonderful person I grew to love in college. Just like her fiancé Matt!

William and I made a bucket list a long time ago, and one thing that made the very top was a tour down memory lane. Having both grown up in Houston, it was important that we saw the houses we called home and those spots around town that defined our middle and high school experiences.

We continue to do this in both big ways and small. He's shown me how to hunt in South Texas, ski down the Aspen Highlands and the Austin waters. I've shown him my favorite restaurants and how I paraded around Paris that one summer.

Our weekends at home are just as exploratory as I show him buildings I'm decorating and he points out properties he's selling.  It costs nothing but is so valuable (and thrilling!) to see how your people spend their time behind-the-scenes.

Here are three ways I plan to show my people things they haven't seen about me:
  1. Take William and a friend to my gym using one of my free guest passes.
  2. Bring print-outs of these blog posts to Marmie, my grandmother, for her birthday next month.
  3. Show Merl my Houston life when she visits for Julianne's wedding October 15th. 
And three I plan to see!
  1. My sister Amy's new house with Biscuit bedding and powder room wallpaper installed.
  2. My soon-to-be sister-in-law's best friends at her bachelorette in early November. 
  3. The life of a freelance photographer as I meet and greet this one back to Houston. 
So, make it your intention to show those you love some things they don't know. And learn a thing or two from the people who love you, too.


Unknown said...

Loved getting a true inside look at what your everyday life looks like. Showed me a little something i didn't know:)