Grand People


2016 didn't get off to the best start. WD's family spends the week between Christmas and New Years hunting at their ranch. They enjoy spending time together in the wide open spaces South Texas offers. En route to join them, I got a call that my mom's mom passed. Weeks later, my uncle joined her in Heaven after a long battle with cancer.

Since that wave of tragedy, the tides have turned. Jimmy proposed! I got a new job I love! Andy and Kirby are having another baby...a girl baby! And yesterday, we all gathered to celebrate our Marmie turning 88 years young.

Now in an assisted living home, she's handed down various heirlooms to us. I inherited this Herend owl which rests on my coffee table, but he was the perfect styling piece in my boss's One King's Lane shoot at her farmhouse.

More recently, I snagged a crystal decanter to decorate this gold bar cart I dug up at the Catholic Charity Guild.

Mayor Jim McConn to most // Bobo to all of us
She and her husband, Jim, entertained often when he was in office. After mass at Saint Theresa in Memorial Park, William and I walked to the ball field dedicated in his name. And speaking of politics...

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My mom's dad is in Dallas, so over Texas OU weekend, William and I toured the George W. Bush Presidential Library with him. I asked him who was president while he was growing up; he listed FDR, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Dubya was ours, and we were reminded of how trying his terms were.

So, as we get together with family and friends this fall for all the holiday festivities, let's remember that this is the season to be jolly.