Happy Holidays


I like to think the single thing I don't have in common with my favorite blogger is a full-blown Halloween fetish. Growing up, I enjoyed dressing up as Esmerelda and Dorothy then stuffing my pillow case with Skittles bags and Snickers bars, but as I've gotten older, I look forward to Fourth of July, Easter and Thanksgiving much more.

clothed in Halloween colors at Jimmy & Laura's couples' shower
I suppose that may fluctuate when I have kids of my own, but I can also foresee October becoming stressful as it seems like a social media competition these days as the kids swarm the streets to say "trick or treat."

WD's with me as far as his holiday favorites list goes, but we decided to give Halloween more of a chance this year. Here's how:

Okay, not my porch. Montrose Shop, you make fall fireplace dreams come true.
I set pumpkins on my porch after spotting the patch in the Trader Joe's parking lot.

I discovered a costume shop full of treasures thanks to my boss who sent me on a hat mission for her epic family costume inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

I'm ready for my masquerade moment thanks to Southern Importers, located in Midtown.
I went back days later to get an accessory for me and William to wear in Austin.

And there, we enjoyed people watching mermaids sipping martinis and finding Waldo at Lucille's on Rainey Street.

Driving home, we listened to this This American Life, only Scooby Doo scary on the spook scale.

Craving more and something sweet, we put on Alfred Hitchcok's Rear Window while eating gummy candy and kettle corn.

Okay, Boston, you win. But, Buffalo Bayou's lookin' pretty good.
On actual Halloween, the weather wound up being gorgeous, so I decided to get my steps in like all the trick-or-treaters do. Lo and behold, leaves were turning in the beautified Buffalo Bayou.

WD and I then channeled our childhood by watching an old Disney Channel Original "scary" movie: Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire. So bad it was good.

It was a very happy holiday, and I look forward to a thankful, merry ending to this year.