MM: Thankful for Ty


My walking buddy when the weather was 'wondey.'

A week ago this morning, my littlest guy Ty, left our family to live happily ever after in dog heaven. As the day went on and I shared the news, everyone's reactions only reminded me how loved he was, like all dogs are.

He was the only blonde in his big litter of black cockapoo puppies.
I rummaged through old photos and remembered how happy I was to bring him home,

how handsome he was,

So much for my mom's "no couch" rule.
and how often he and Coco cuddled, like in this classic scene from Christmas morning circa 2007.

luckily, my many nieces and nephews loved their "grandog"
Over the years, my attention shifted from doting on Ty to tending to my schoolwork, cheerleading and my social life.

Caro & I took her dogs along with Ty and William's Gus to the dog park they built along the bayou.
I don't regret that, but I'm so grateful for the time I got to reconnect with him when I moved home after college graduation.

More recently, I got to dogsit and take him to work and William's. And dress him up for one last Halloween!

With that, I hope to continue to have a thankful heart and mind this month for all my many blessings.



Cathy McConn said...

Very lovely and makes me happy. :) mom