The Makings of a Merry Christmas


image c/o Biscuit Home
It's December 26th, and when I was a kid, this was by and large the saddest day of the year. Christmas was 364 sleeps away, and school assignments, studying and other to-dos stood between the last season and the next.

I hate to sound Scroogey, but at 23 going on 24, I feel the opposite: a wave of relief hit me this morning when I realized I had a day in front of me with no plans, primping or meal-prepping. 

wedding eve: WD & I leaving Jimmy & Laura's rehearsal dinner downtown (dress here)

Today's day of rest created a feeling that resembles the kind when you return from an incredible vacation or a Sunday after a solid, celebratory weekend. Your time and energy was well spent with the most significant people in your life. You loved it, and given the chance, you wouldn't do it any differently the second time.

That's how this Christmas season was; here's what made it so very merry for me:

dessert: Dulce de Leche Cremeux with Sopapilla Chips, Spiced Pecan Streusel, Horchata Foam & Colored Meringues
My company party, which included a performance and a beautiful dinner in my boss's backyard.

let it be known: Lupe lived up to the Houston hype according to him
Date night with WD, a first-time fajita eater at legendary Lupe Tortilla's, followed by a neighborhood light tour.

left to right: Kirby, Amy, Carolyn, Erin, Molly, Lindsay and Mimi, the matriarch

A very, merry McConn wedding when #JimmyWentWholeHogg

Nico, KK & me

and a winter white one, too, when lovely Livy said I do to Mr. Skidmore. 

And of course, being home for Christmas and staying here in Houston for the New Year.

I'll be off all week (blessed!) and posting aplenty. Stay tuned!


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Merry Christmas MB!

xxoo Annie