2016 in Three Words


I always reflect before resolving at the turn of a new year. I look back on memories made on vacations, prayers answered and resolutions successfully seen through. I tackled three out of three this year with putting on weight, establishing an exercise regimen I enjoy and being more funny. I've summed up my 2016 in three words that define it best, starting with...

bringing in the new year with friends (& no heels!) at the Belle Notte ball
comedy :: Yes, I resolved to be funnier in the new year. The idea was William's, and we thought we could feed off each other. We judged each other at the year's end and declared us funnier people than we were in 2015. 

spontaneity :: I moved out and switched jobs within a two-week time period when opportunities presented themselves I couldn't pass up. April was a whirlwind, and in the moment, I was overwhelmed by a kind of spontaneous behavior much outside my comfort zone. In retrospect, though, I'm so glad I took a leap of faith because it's by far the best thing I did all year.   

novelty :: With a new gig and hood, I had fresh lenses to look at my world through. I made every effort to explore the area around me as I'm wedged between Houston's most exciting neighborhoods. Of course, my day-to-day at work is wildly different than before, and I feel so fortunate to see all the intricate details involved in interior design and the behind-the-scenes of making a brick-and-mortar shop come to life beautifully online.  

Coming into January, I feel like I'm in a groove, and I really like my routine. I'm not ready to start fresh really; I'm ready embrace three new words that should set 2017 up to be the best one yet ;)


Unknown said...

:) lucky to call you my bestie!