A Letter to My College Self


I spent last weekend with my best high school friend, Caroline. Remember this? Scroll for my favorite father/daughter photo. Our homecoming queen is as humble as when she was crowned, and now, she's the bride-to-be, soon to be wedded to her high school sweetheart Brad in February.

I spent last weekend with she and all her besties for her bachelorette. When my sisters were getting married (back in the day!), bachelorettes were no big deal. Today, it's almost expected that it be an all weekend getaway. I don't hate the new standards as I still suffer from some separation anxiety from my college friends.

loved being back with all my longhorn ladies

Besides job titles and a few engagement rings, the friendships felt the exact same when we reunited. I feel so fortunate to have friends like these and a college experience I'll cherish forever. I've found I have a good following from younger girls, so I'm writing a letter to my college self in hopes that you too walk with your cap and gown feeling the same way I did and do this day:

To my college self, 
Freshman year, have fun. 
Overdose on it. Everyone older will tell you that college flies, and it does. Enjoy the freedoms that college affords you (living with friends, no curfew, only 15-hour school weeks), and spend that time making friendships to last a lifetime. These happen during Thursday night's out, theme parties, late nights studying in, football games and date functions.  
Sophomore year, step it up. 
I had all the friends and did all the things freshman year; I knew that four years of that routine wouldn't be fulfilling for me by the time it was 2015. I was more interested in my studies, so I devoted more time to them while still maintaining a really active social life. This was particularly true when I served as recruitment chair for my sorority. My role required me to go out and develop relationships, and this gave me the similar sense of purpose I thrived on from being involved in high school.  
Junior year, make plans. 
At the halfway point, graduation is in sight, so make plans for study abroad so the opportunity doesn't pass you by. I opted for a summer though I always dreamed of a semester, and it was the perfect ten-week getaway. Also plan for any internships and how to spread out your hours so you graduate on time.  
Senior year, develop lifestyle habits. 
By the time senior year rolled around, I wanted to develop the healthy lifestyle I wanted to have once I was working. I knew I'd be much more strapped for time and energy with a full-time job, so I started working on healthy habits so I'd be motivated to maintain them. I worked out daily, cooked for myself and used a planner to schedule all my to-dos and events before I said my goodbyes at graduation. 
I'm a huge believer in using your time wisely, and college is no different. Enjoy it, but know that when it's all said and done, the best is still yet to come!