Three Focus Words for 2017 | Part 1: Care


image c/o The Welle Journal

To piggyback last week's post on the three words that summed up 2016, I'm writing about the three that I am focusing on in 2017. They are care, knowledge and commitment. Big, loaded words--I know. So, I'm breaking them down into smaller goals, like this!

Aussie wellness expert Elle sits down with my French favorite {image c/o Garance DorĂ©}
I want to take proper care of my body inside and out. I loved this quote from Elle McPherson's podcast interview with Garance Doré (on my new fave, Pardon My French). She says,
"When a woman smiles, she's more beautiful and that comes from the inside. When her skin is good, because she's eating well, that comes from the inside and it shows. When you're a person who is happy in your life and motivated and inspired, it really shows on the outside."
So, starting on the inside, I want to seek and find what works best for me nutritionally. God made a wonder of the human body, but in the same way our physical appearances are stunningly different, I believe our insides behave differently, too. We crave different things, have vastly different taste buds.

a classic Whole30 snackboard lunch via Take a Bite

There's no universal diet: blogger bestie Annie, for instance, is halfway through January Whole30 and just isn't feeling it. So, I'll experiment on my own, which will require more home cooking and more reading. And if all else fails, I'm letting this lady intervene.

image c/o The Beauty Wanderer

Once my insides are in a good flow, I'll switch gears to the outside. I turn 24 next month and by the time I hit the big 2-5, I want to have a full-proof make-up routine that's healthy for my skin. I'm starting with primer, a product I didn't even use until last year. When I run out of this one (I'm typically loyal to Laura), I'll be getting this immediately.

In the meantime, I'd love to know the absolute must-haves in your make-up bag you think I should try in the coming months to master my own.

Sneak peek of the next post? See here!


Unknown said...

Can't lie that Whole 30 isn't what it was the last time I did it. Not sure what the sticker is this time, but I'm not so hooked like before. It doesn't work for everyone. Pushing through my last two weeks in hopes I come out with a better ending.

Can't wait to read about knowledge and commitment.