My Favorites in San Francisco


Having planned our San Francisco trip several months out, I spent a lot of time imagining how it would be. We purposefully planned it so we could "escape the city" on Saturday and hide away in the wine country. I pictured us picnicking in Presidio Park on Sunday to relieve ourselves from another restaurant bill. 

at the bottom of historic Lombard Street

I should have known that nothing goes quite according to plan when traveling is involved. Still, given the right company and attitude, it can easily turn out better than anything you could've imagined. 

Here are five of the happiest moments from last month's trip: 

Taking cover in Leo's Oyster Bar, like a tropical island retreat, after biking through the stormy city all morning. 

photo via

A Sunday stroll through the Ferry Building where I found a grilled cheese with tomato soup to warm my insides and a book for the flight the next day. 

Laszlo, the bar next door, welcomes those waiting to be seated at Foreign Cinema. photo via

The fact that the food outdid the amazing ambiance at Foreign Cinema, where you sit below strung lights and in front of an old-fashioned, projected film.

Victorian homes neighboring the most modern to make for an eclectic mix and more exciting walks.

Our family style menu at Ad Hoc featured Thomas Keller's famous short ribs with truffle mac and cheese. photo via

Yountville by night, the most charming little village that more closely met my escape expectations than the crowds, traffic and tourist masses at the wineries themselves.

Notable mention include take-out from Souvla, shopping in the charming Hayes district, a build-your-own almond butter fro-yo bar and the best souvenir, a bottle from Silver Oak. 'Til next time, San Fran!


Unknown said...

I went to San Fran when I was 5 and it is one of my first most vivid memories! I absolutely loved that city (even being so young) and would love to go back soon! Big sis went a few years ago and came back raving about Loving Cup! I've never been but recommend it to anyone I know going to SF. I'm so glad it made it into your trip. Seems like a dream!!