My Final Focus Word for 2017: Commitment


The final word I've chosen to focus on in 2017 is commitment, and Ash Wednesday is the perfect occasion to tell you all about it.

I kind of "floundered" through my first year out of college. I couldn't put my finger on why I felt so funny, so off, but when someone used that word, it fit the mold perfectly. The worst side effect of this feeling was my severe indecisiveness. Never quite sure what to do with decisions both big and small, I often wound up living in limbo-land, a very stagnant place that left me feeling restless and anxious. Since my second year, I'm happy to say I have found my way and with that, I feel as though I'm able to commit to what matters to me and make my life the most meaningful it can be at 24-years-old. Here are five ways I hope to do so:

Commit to causes I care about.

I joined the Boys & Girls Clubs first-ever young professional's organization last year, but I didn't do much beyond the required board activities. I want to make a monthly effort to visit the clubs to better understand why I chose this non-profit and gain perspective from its most important people, the kids.

Commit to a schedule I enjoy.
A pretzel & a Pliny's at Anvil is the perfect midweek treat.
Did you know I make Wednesdays a mini-weekend? I work, of course, but I don't put pressure on myself to make it to the gym, and I treat myself to a mid-week glass of wine. It makes me more disciplined to wake up for that workout class and avoid that bottle of wine those other four days.

Commit to the people that matter most.
A little boy peers through the gate to watch William catch for his youngest brother, Michael, at the Little League fields.

My dad retired recently, so I want to spend more one-on-one time with him since growing up, my mom and I naturally had more time to do things together. This starts tonight when he will join me in the stands while William coaches his little league team.

Commit to a book and a TV show.
I snacked on a creamy cup of tomato basil soup from Cowgirl Creamery while browsing the books at Book Passage in the Ferry Building on my rainy Sunday spent in San Francisco. {image via alexinwanderland}

We just finished The Night Manager (loved), and I just read the last pages of Big Little Lies. I'll be tuning into it on HBO now and starting My Paris Dream, which I bought at the San Francisco Ferry Building book store.

Commit to journaling. 
{image via serendipitous wanderings}

Lately, my journal entries have had no theme or consistency. As part of my Lenten practices, I'll start logging a way to describe my day, a person I'm grateful for and a moment worth remembering.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Unknown said...

I love your wednesday/weekend! Something I want to start committing to!