Sense Appeal XXXV: Abstract Art, Gingham & Al's


for the eyes:
how cool / Christopher Spitzmiller-esque is top right? 

Abstract art by Erin, my super-talented sister. See her clever Christmas card circa 2011 and stunning chalk art circa 2014. Support by following her Instagram.

for the mind: I feel strongly that there will forever be a time and a place for handwritten notes, and this experiment proves that, sometimes, that time is when we'd usually reply with a text message.

Abbey and I at Club Nomadic

for the ears: I hadn't been to a concert in what felt like years when I saw The Chainsmokers Super Bowl weekend. After a series of hit singles, they just released their first album. My favorites are Don't Say & Wake Up Alone.

skirt // dress

fashion for feel: I got on the gingham bandwagon real fast when my sister wore this J. Crew guy on Easter Sunday. I had given up shopping for Lent, so this was my first purchase after my fast. To score free shipping, I added this accordion stripe skirt to my cart too, and with the advice from my sister Amy, will keep it afterall.

for taste:
the veggie sampler #3
I'd drive by Al's Quick Stop a number of times and heard that hidden inside the unassuming convenient shop was a haven of Mediterranean food. I finally tried it and was most impressed with my vegetable plate, especially the taboulli.