Extra Thankful This Year


I've been scrolling through the Black Friday sales all afternoon and loaded my shopping carts with sweaters that will probably itch, shoes that will be ill-fitting and accessories that I'll rarely wear. So, instead of going through with these purchases, I'm keeping with the theme of this week's holiday and writing what I'm thankful for.

Study after study says that expressing gratitude is the best practice to keep our heads in the right space. That applies all year long, but it's certainly nice to have a whole day designated to doing so. I have a whole, whole lot to be thankful for this year, but below are five of the biggies.

My fiancĂ©. 

When you find someone you want to spend your life with, you wonder if it will pan out like you picture. That first happened to me in 2014, and that picture was still fairly fuzzy. It was clear when 2017 came that we were on the same wavelength and a proposal was in our near future. Now that we're almost halfway into our engagement, it's become all the more clear why I had that feeling four years ago. It's hard to sum up how grateful I am for William, but I thank God every day he is my groom.

My family. 

We had a family wedding in Dallas recently, and it was the first time in awhile we had 100% attendance from all seven siblings. Whether newly engaged, newlyweds, or new parents, everyone seems genuinely happy and exactly where they need to be.

On Thanksgiving, the boys and kids played a game of wiffle ball outside, and I got that warm feeling only this kind of old fashioned fun with your family gives you.

My friends. 

The majority of my best friends live outside of Houston, and while that's hard at times, reflecting on it makes me realize that it's something to celebrate. From graduate school to exploring new cities, everyone is broadening their horizons and thriving in whichever stage of life they're in. Needless to say, I am loving every excuse the wedding is providing to put all my people in one place.

My job.

I really, really love what I do. I have always appreciated aesthetically pleasing things, so playing a small role behind-the-scenes of a small business like Biscuit has been so rewarding and eye-opening. I started dabbling in interior design as the assistant to my talented boss and now help with the production of her printed bedding line. I've seen new cities, met incredible people and genuinely wake up excited to go to work every single day.

My future. 

In the short term, I look forward to Christmas, my bachelorette in Charleston and watching the wedding come to fruition. What's even better, though, is the bigger, longer picture of my life with William that starts after that night. The little details like taking his last name tickle me. Then there's the big things like him becoming Uncle William, watching his family grow, living under one roof and establishing our own traditions.

I'll never quit my affection for fashion, but this exercise was much more fulfilling than adding things to cart. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers to the holiday season!