Wedding Update: Paper Goods + Party Peeps


Most of my blood, sweat and tears has been poured into the wedding website (sneak peek here!) instead of BOD, but I'm back with a few updates on all things wedding related.

I had Claire Martin's custom sketches in mind to use for my wedding in some fashion since way back when when I had her draw this of me and William.

When it came time to ask my bridal party to take part in the big day, they seemed like the perfect memento to gift them.

My sister saved the day with her beautiful calligraphy to create a beautiful mailer I hope they'll treasure forever.

Mary Elizabeth will serve as my maid-of-honor alongside Caroline as my matron-of-honor.

Selecting my bridal party reminded me how rich in great family and friendships I am.

It wouldn't be our big day without WJC on William's side and Nico on mine.

In other paper good news, save the dates are in production. Admittedly, I am equally in love and overwhelmed with the process as the options and ideas seem endless.

my dress committee!

Still, it's so exciting to work on something small-scale leading up to the big, grand day. From colors to crests, I'm discovering subtle ways to allude to the overall feel of our wedding day within the invitation suite.

More soon!

P.S. Have to take a brief aside to honor the Astros! What a wild World Series ride that was and how perfectly timed for a city whose spirits needed lifting now more than ever. Go 'Stros!


Unknown said...

I am the luckiest MOH ever!! Love my Milly and William!