Wedding Update: 1 Date, 2 Trips, 3 Registries


Our engagement timeframe will total ten months when it's all said and done. We got over the hump, so to speak, this month, so here are some planning highlights since my last update post.

Dates have been saved. 

In a digital era, paper goods have lost their luster to many, but that's what makes mail kind of magical to me. A save-the-date sends the first message to your guests on what they can expect for the wedding.

I worked with my sister Erin on the calligraphy and Alex Schwenke on the crest, design and printing. 
I wanted our crest to communicate a spirit of whimsy and fun for the evening as opposed to serious and stuffy. I wanted the bright colors to inspire festive, colorful wardrobe choices amongst the guests. I wanted the florals to allude to the outdoor garden setting of our reception.

Bachelorette has been booked.
a photo of the Mills House from my work trip to Charleston last September

Before I know it, my besties and I will be Charleston-bound for my bachelorette. I chose this charming city for the obvious reasons that it's girly, got great food and is just ripe for visitors in spring. With my maid-of-honor in DC, one friend in North Carolina and three in NYC, it made somewhat geographic sense, too.

view from the patio of our rental with historical homes lining our street
We rented a house so everyone could easily interact and get better acquainted before the wedding weekend. It's located in the heart of downtown so we can walk most everywhere. To my surprise, most of my friends were yearning to go for their first time ever or in awhile, so it was the perfect excuse to gather my girl troops!

Honeymoon destination is decided.
Positano c/o What Katie Ate

We're going to Italy! Upon realizing we both have never been, this decision was a no-brainer. From the beautiful sea views on the Amalfi Coast to the breathtaking countryside in Tuscany, we can't wait to retreat to this romantic country, wining and dining from one destination to the next. Any and all recommendations are welcome!

Registries are complete. 
Gien Toscana everyday dinnerware

William and I had our fun with the scanner gun scanning sku after sku of the spatulas and spoons we wanted stocked in our kitchen. We went with a scalloped everyday set with different colored borders along with more decorative accent pieces all by Gien.

setting my table setting goals high with my Herend china
I knew I loved Herend's Chinese Bouquet for china, so color was the only thing in question. Green seemed like a safe bet as it would suit the Christmas season just as easily as spring or summertime. To balance out these traditional choices, I registered for some more contemporary items on my favorite, Food52.

The website is live!
I'm very glad we ended up shooting engagement photos with our photographer, Joe Cogliandro

If you made it all the way here, maybe you really are interested in all things #MollyMadeASlamDunc, so I'll direct you to our website:

Stay tuned for more and pray that I maintain the sanity I have up until this point! It's quite fun, and I encourage all brides-to-be to try their best to discover the bliss in it all.

PS - For a relevant laugh, see here and here.


Unknown said...

my grandmother (now mom) has the same herend's chine in burnt orange! i screeched when i saw your picture of this and declared to my mom how when i get married i want to get the green. I said the same thing about it being versatile between spring and winter. good choice, molls, i'll be copying you!

charleston is going to be the perfect bach spot, but the amalfi coast is my #1 right now so i am extremely jelly!