Living & Learning While Wedding Planning


I'm sure I'll be chocked full of wisdom after the wedding is said and done, but I felt compelled to share some nuggets of knowledge as I'm knee deep in the process. Here are five major realizations I've had to date.

1. Things will change.

Our date did, then our entire venue did. It's unsettling to think that nothing is really set in stone until the day arrives, but I've found it to be true more than once already. To cast a better light on this truth, I will say that these big changes have certainly been for the best. You learn as you go, so it's important to remain flexible so you can feel confident that your choices fit the bigger picture as you move forward.

2. There is no guidebook.

The amount of checklists and said "bride guides" out there are enough to give anyone planning paralysis. While there is helpful information to heed, no two weddings are alike, therefore no universal instruction manual exists. Its unique nature is actually the inherent beauty of a couple's wedding weekend, so I'm trying to embrace this mindset throughout our engagement.

3. It's a timestamp on your life.

My best friend (and now matron-of-honor) gave me this piece of advice with respect to the guest list, but I think it holds true for all aspects of planning. Some of your decisions will inevitably feel dated when you look back, but that's the way it's supposed to be. Recognize this is a timestamp on your life, and you will love reliving every detail--from the dress to the guests you chose--when years have passed.

4. Put yourselves in guests' shoes.

We've been to our fair share of weddings (especially as of late), so whenever I felt stuck on a decision, I tried to recall my sentiments as a guest. This helped me realize that while daylight is nice at a reception, a dance floor really gets going once night falls. I was also reminded that with a clutch in one hand and a cocktail in another, I rarely have the opportunity to reach for hors doeuvres, so it may be best to prioritize a great bar and buffet. 

5. Enjoy it while it lasts.

As I've seen with several significant stages of my life, your engagement season flies by. Enjoy it while it lasts! Marriage is forever, and of course, each season is different and wonderful, but there is nothing quite like this bridge between dating and marriage. You're literally showered with love and can finally visualize your future together.

For all my brides-to-be, I wish you the very, very best! I'll get into more nitty-gritty planning tips once the day unfolds and details of #MollyMadeASlamDunc are revealed :)

NY, I Still Love Ya


John Derian's Art & Objects shop was the last stop this trip
It's no secret for long time readers that I love New York. I've been lucky to visit several times and every trip stands out for its own reasons. This week, I went to the city for work at NY Now, a market trip much like the one to Atlanta mentioned here.

the bar at Gemma, the restaurant at the bottom of the Bowery Hotel

We managed to fit in some really great play that I documented on my Instagram stories, so I wanted to elaborate on everything here! Here are some highlights if you're heading that way any time soon.

no beer in sight at this Super Bowl bash
Spending Super Bowl Sunday sipping cocktails at Bemelmans jazz bar.

Taylor, my Cali girl turned New Yorker is soon-to-be a Londonite!
A wine bar in SoHo we stumbled upon in a convivial little space on a SoHo corner.

these treats warmed my insides in freezing February temps

A five o'clock flat white and cookie fix at maman, a bakery I've fangirled on Instagram for awhile for its branding.

the bread was accompanied with what i can only describe as tasting like homemade whipped Boursin cheese
Din at Dirty French, where the classic French cuisine is met by quintessential SoHo funk vibes.

A delicious send-off brunch of hot tea and greens at Gemma.

Taking cover from the cold in the coolest outdoor dining area at the NoMo hotel.

Abbey, much like her mom, is a baking queen and cookie connoisseur, so walking to the UWS for these was a must.
A trip to the well-known Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side for their famous chocolate chip cookies.

What's not pictured is my visit with two besties, Katie and Nico, in their West Village pad. I hope to return to visit them soon and explore more treasures in this city that I'll always adore.