Gone to Carolina


working on last minute details of the wedding, honeymoon and cross-country move from home 

I've been waiting for the perfect time to start posting on BOD again. To blame my absence on this anticipation for impeccable timing wouldn't be entirely fair--we've been prettay busy.

checking on the reception build an hour before taking off for a house hunting weekend in NC & a week out from the wedding
I laughed when people would ask me if I was "done" days leading up to the wedding. You're never done! I'm still not done! Not complaining--it's just my lame excuse for an almost six-month sabbatical.

brought my big girl camera to the honeymoon and was reminded how rewarding it is to get behind a non-iPhone lens
This morning, I read a piece from one of my favorites on her indecisive nature starting to seem more like a "curious form of perfectionism." I think a very similar thing is procrastinating my posting, so I'm putting an end to it today.

the outdoor halls of Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC, where William will enroll this fall

When I logged back into Blogger, I saw this post in my Drafts section and figured the update needed to go live since it's a biggie. A quick flashback to 5/9....
Today marks one month out from our wedding day. Needless to say, we cannot wait, but I think I will wait to divulge any more details and instead, share some exciting news for us as newlyweds.
We're moving to North Carolina! This time last year, William started preparing to study and apply for a graduate business degree. From the beginning, we both agreed moving out of Texas would be a good breath of fresh air for us both. When we got engaged, it seemed like the perfect way to start our married lives together. My blog is in large part inspired by my sister, who started her expat blog upon moving overseas with her husband immediately after their wedding. She values that time so much and strongly supported us moving, at the very least, out of state.
We fully intend to return to our Texas roots in two years time, but we're so excited about this next step.
In between getting married and a honeymoon overseas, we are attempting to move, get new jobs, find a home and establish a foundation for life together. Wish us luck! 
having afternoon cocktails (post Garden of the Gods hike) at Hotel Poseidon in Positano on #honeyjune
Well, we're here! Four countries, a flat-tire U-Haul, two strikes on signing a lease, a cross-country wedding, two AirBnbs and a family vacation later, we are in Chapel Hill, only one sleep away from living in our first home.

our shower in May was when we first announced our UNC decision, and I serendipitously wore the signature Carolina blue
This whirlwind has been incredible and most certainly a summer we will never forget. This Sunday, we'll celebrate a year since we got engaged, and it's wild to think about the year-long road that got us from then to now.

said U-Haul with said flat tire *sigh*
I wouldn't change a thing (except maybeee the U-Haul) and can't wait to see what the Chapel Hill chapter brings.

one of my favorite photos as we first entered the fairytale reception, captured by Joe Cogliandro

I stay pretty active on my Instagram and plan to post lots more on the wedding, honeymoon, life in North Carolina and other travels in the weeks to come.

Love to all! Glad to be back.



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