THE Celebrity Shortbread Cookie


On several occasions, I've come across what looks like a divine baked good and sent the link to my mom fully knowing she probably can't help herself but give them a whirl in her kitchen. When I told her about the Insta-famous chocolate chip shortbread cookies by Alison Roman, I knew these would be in the oven within the week.


We both share a weakness for chocolate chip cookies, so this shortbread version was immediately intriguing. Made with loads of *salted* butter, the salty sweet combination is undeniably addicting.

image c/o Bon Appetit

A few notes: 
  • Don't leave out the Demerara sugar - it makes a big difference for both flavor and presentation.
  • The dough is delicious - eat some.
The progression of my Flat Stanley shortbreads - I know, not great.

  • I I
  • My mom doesn't use an electric mixer, and hers turn out fine.
  • I suggest refrigerating the dough overnight or freezing it. When I made these in NC, they spread A TON and completely lost their cute circular shortbread shape. Sigh -- the flat Stanley shortbreads were still delicious in flavor, but I think the refrigeration is key to preventing this shape malfunction.
  • The egg is for the wash -- not to be mixed into the batter! 
For those who haven't heard of these, they'd make the perfect holiday gift treat! We gave them to our shower hosts, and they were a huge hit.