the girl.
Don't let the blog name mislead you--Bridget is my middle name and now my blogging nom de plume; most people call me Molly and you can do the same. I attended the University of Texas, where I got to live in one of the most colorful cities in the world--Austin. I was also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma at UT. All the while, home is where my heart (and my people) remained and that was in Houston, where I've returned to work and play. I am the youngest of seven children and am already an aunt to eleven nieces and nephews. My career path is still somewhat unclear, but I wouldn't mind if another big city and continued blogging wove their way in somewhere down the line. My love list includes (but is not limited to) freshly brewed iced tea, Tex-Mex, alliteration, Diane Kruger, white space, jet setting near and far, Sunday brunch, partial tucks, when savory meets sweet, healthy competition, serendipitous moments and pearl studs as an everyday staple. I like to think I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl who resists becoming a slave to the ordinary by indulging in curiosity, and here at BOD is where I do that best.

the blog.
Bridget's Own Diary was the brain child of my sixteen-year-old self, and its roots draw back to several things. My sister moved to Austria immediately after getting married in 2009 and started an expat blog to document her experience abroad, providing an easy way for family & friends to follow her life across the Atlantic. Due to time difference and other constraints, it became difficult to communicate. This--plus a considerable amount of boredom build-up at my summer job--inspired me to settle this issue by starting a blog of my own, so she could keep tabs on my life as well. What started as a personal "diary" for me and my sister's eyes only slowly developed into a small sensation among my family, friends, friends of friends, and eventually, strangers.

I've always entertained a passion for all things style and design related. I aim to infuse all my posts with whimsical thoughts, a subtle funny flair, or youthful wisdom. Bridget's Own Diary is my virtual scrapbook, my therapeutic outlet, my ongoing personal novel, and my dearest form of expression. I find a lot of joy in sharing these snippets of my life, so I hope you get something out of taking a glimpse into my world in return.