As a blogger, I am not unique in that fact that I draw inspiration from other bloggers. Here are the ten sites that feed my creative juice flow on a daily basis; let's call them my kindred blogging spirits, shall we? 

the neotrad - I read her 'Daily Hunt' emails daily without fail. She curates an on-point collection of interior and fashion items that always suit my fancy. She also has an uncanny ability to discover unheard of travel destinations and talented designers, which makes her talented in her own right. 

the darling detail - Jessi (who's as beautiful on the inside as she is on on the outside) and I met in Austin as we overlapped working for Camille Styles (scroll down). She followed her gut to pursue her true passion, fashion, with full-time blogging. This move has done wonders for us both as I've watched her take leaps of faith to land where she is today.

cupcakes + cashmere - I owe Emily Schuman, the author of this blog, much credit for inspiring me to take my blogging to a new level, transforming it from an occasional hobby to a daily labor. You can see me really gush about c+c in this post dedicated to her.

the fresh exchange - The title is not misleading as the content maintains a freshness that's often hard to find in the blogosphere. It's refreshing too; her reflections always match what's on my mind.

Beauty in Bloom Garden Party post, circa spring 2015

camille styles - Camille was the first full-time blogger I worked under. The story's pretty serendipitous. I wound up with only 6 hours in my last semester of senior year, so I logged 15 with Camille as an editorial intern. There, I learned how to manage the moving parts of a lifestyle blog and saw what job dreams come true looks like. 

peppermint bliss - Cue the second blogger I worked under. Bailey McCarthy began blogging early in her interior design career. When that took off, she started Biscuit Home, her very own business in our hometown of Houston. I now work as her assistant, dabbling in all these design, styling and straight fun. Read my journal entries!

Photobucketlife in graz - The author of this blog is not only the match that lit the BOD fire, but she also takes on the role of my sister, my blog designer, my mentor/therapist, and my best friend.

the love list - The love list's raw voice always keeps me coming back for more. Her posts are simple yet never boring and always full of to-the-point insight. *an added bonus: she posts phenomenal playlists!

l. avenue - You'll find entries once a week from me, MB, here in my series The Friday Five. Lyndsey, the lady behind L. Avenue blog, and I met through my sister-in-law at Common Bond. Not long after, I became a contributor to help this fashion-focused site blossom into a more robust lifestyle blog.

take a bite - I often don't know how to describe my blog when asked; if I could, I'd say it's just like Annie's blog which features daily bites of her life. I'll admit my posts have become less fashion-centric and more foodie-centric, and take a bite has nourished my hunger for a foodie lifestyle. She's also a Kappa! She also bakes yummy things! She also loves big cities! She's also Southern! She's also in college! She's my final kindred blogger spirit!


Unknown said...

omg omg, day maker! couldn't have said it better myself! so sweet being featured on your inspiration page but if only you knew how much your site inspires me!